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Phase Trust is a widely-respected youth organisation that works across Dudley Borough and beyond to provide formal and informal programmes or support that encourage children & young people to maximise learning opportunities and reach their full potential as citizens.


"Standing with and for children & young people"

In practice, this means:

Being available – where and when children & young people need you.

Seeing the best in children & young people – and building on that potential.

Treating children & young people as unique individuals – with different social, emotional and developmental needs.

Being honest, open and real.


Personal Development -  We aim to provide opportunities for children & young people to explore who they are, where they are at and where they want to be. In all that we do we hope to give young people the best opportunity to face their personal and educational challenges, in order to see them achieve their goals and reach their potential.

We seek to create personalised programmes and approaches that are tailored to meet the needs of the individual. We work with children & young people in a range of settings to suit their needs to ensure they engage effectively.

Exploitation -  We work with children and young people (7-25 LDD), specifically focussing on and exploring the challenging issues surrounding Child criminal exploitation (CCE), Child sexual exploitation (CSE) & Harmful sexual behaviour (HSB). We aim to achieve this through: Individual Support & Group Work

We provide personalised sessions for individuals and groups who are at risk of or involved in exploitation. By giving them specific interventions and guidance, we aim to help them be more equipped to make positive life choices, be aware of possible risk-taking behaviours and provide help with exit strategies.

Community - We seek to connect and engage with a wide range of children & young people in their community through outreach and drop-in activities. We aim to build meaningful relationships between with local businesses and professionals to strengthen the work in our surrounding communities.

Family - We support families to ensure that those difficult times don’t become the norm or overwhelming. Providing parenting support in a variety of settings and tailored to suit the needs of the individual or group, to include group discussions, practical tasks, and strategies to help build on strengths parents already have. In a safe and non-judgemental environment parents can take time and space to think about any changes they want to make.

We recognise sometimes the best way to support a family is generationally. By supporting both children and their parents we can provide advice and guidance that is joined up and therefore has a greater chance of positive outcomes. By providing individual and combined one-to-one sessions we can create a package that ensures a greater level of understanding, positive talk, fun, team building and learning together. We are committed to supporting families and want to help them build strong and secure relationships.

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