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The Petit Society

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Our objective is to raise awareness of the art of JL Petit (1801-68) for the benefit of all generations.


We rescue, conserve and research Petit’s art. We develop publications to record the stories of his art. We raise awareness in local communities where he painted (with special emphasis on schools), in the art and academic worlds to recover his reputation. We aim to reestablish Petit long term in the story of the 19th. Century. We have been going five years although just registered as a charity.

see website for fuller information. We are just at the cusp of transitioning to a larger more substantial state, starting to fund raise, planning exhibitions, etc. We want one or two volunteers who can help lead this process as well as covering basics. The opportunities are immensely rewarding and enjoyable long term. So far the surface of what is possible has barely been scratched.

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