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Pete's Dragons provides support to people affected by the impact of bereavement from suicide, this includes adults, children, families or individuals. The Charity raises awarness of suicide prevention services and provides financial support to selected suicide prevention services each year.
Pete's Dragons provide two key services. A 'Comfort Grant' is a referral based service designed to offer financial assistance to those affected by suicide bereavement and can be used to purchase goods for the home, go towards funeral or other costs incurred or provide the opportunity for a day out or access to services.
The 'Hug in a Hamper' service is a referral based service which is designed to support inividuals emotional well being through the greiving process. Individuals are often afraid to grieve in public for fear or judgement. Our services make them aware that there are services out there who do not place any judgment on suicide bereavement.
There continues to be stigma around suicide and without organiations or individuals stepping out and speaking freely we will not see an increase in indiviudals asking for support or reductions in suicide itself. Pete's Dragons and its services are breaking in to the public eye and making sure people are aware of suicide, signposting to suicide prevention services and offering support to those who have been affected by suicide making it clear the only way to reduce suicide is to talk about it


Pete's Dragons take part in a vast amount of 'Dragon Challenges' every year to raise money to fund our services and make financial donations to other services.
Pete' Dragons work together with a number of other suicide prevention agencies to ensure that services are accessible to all within our criteria.
Pete's Dragons use social media and its website to draw people’s attention to suicide discussion and promote other suicide prevention services.
Pete's Dragons spend time joining up with community services and partner agencies to influence suicide prevention and bereavement services.

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