The Pet Refuge Project

The Pet Refuge Project

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We organise foster care for the animals of people experiencing domestic abuse. Animals are often a reason why people will remain with their abuser, as they do not want to leave them behind but can't realistically take them with them either. Often the animals have been abused or threatened in order to control the human victim (coercion and control). If left behind, they can often be tortured or killed in retaliation. By getting the animals to safety, we allow human victims to seek safety. Once they have done this, we reunite them with their animals. Sadly, it is common for animals to be at risk in this way. Half of domestic abuse victims will have animals, and one quarter of them tend to remain with their abuser so they can stay with their animals.


Organising foster carers and providing advice to animal owning victims of domestic abuse. This is time consuming and expensive so we spend a lot of time organising fundraising and doing administrative work, with which we need help from volunteers.

Current opportunities

Dorset, BH1 9NE

The Charity seeks a trustee to join the board to assist with fundraising ventures.

Dorset, BH8 9JQ

As our work expands at an astonishing rate, we now have a need for a treasurer to support our trustees.