Persona Doll Training

Persona Doll Training

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National - Britain


We promote the Persona Doll approach to encourage children (the beneficiaries) all over the UK and beyond our shores to unlearn any prejudiced and stereotypical attitudes they may have picked up. Children identify and bond strongly with the Dolls. Their teachers use them to tell stories, some about happy events like goiing on holiday while others involve hurtful experiences like name calling and teasing. Children are encouraged to build empathy and are empowered to stand up when they or their peers witness unfairness. This unique, effective and non-threatening approach helps teachers and consequently the children to deal with tricky issues like bullying and to tackle discrimination in its varied forms


We offer (a) hands on training to teachers and others in the Persona Doll approach; (b) We sell a specially designed range of Persona Dolls reflecting various ethnic and cultural backgrounds; wheelchairs made for the Dolls and glasses; (c) We distribute awareness raising publications and have recently produced a new training DVD and support book. Articles promoting our philosophy and activities are written for relevant magazines and we are currently planning a campaign that links with Government initiatives around British Values.

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