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People's Animal Welfare Society.

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To promote humane behaviour towards cats and dogs subjected to cruelty, abuse, injury, neglect and abandonment; to relieve the suffering of such animals in need of care, protection, treatment and security by provision of a rescue, foster, assess, rehabilitate and re-home service; to prevent future suffering of such animals through public education around irresponsible breeding, correct care and neutering, and raising funds to neuter animals in countries particularly affected by stray cats and dogs.


People's Animal Welfare Society takes pride in being a leading foster-first animal rescue. We are dedicated to providing a loving environment for cats and dogs in need, offering them a second chance at finding their forever home.


Founded in 2021, our early team already had years of experience caring for and re-homing rescue animals. PAW Society was born out of our experience volunteering for other rescues and recognising where the system falls down. Our unique approach means we can create the perfect match the first time and we have an extremely low rate of failed adoptions.


Our animals are assessed in normal family homes, many with other pets and children. This means they are exposed to normal family life instead of kennels and catteries, where behaviour assessments are unreliable.


We make a special effort to save animals who would usually be turned down by other rescue organisations, either due to inexperience or cost - as well as our expertise in strays, we specialise in disabled or elderly pets. We lovingly refer to these animals as our Wonkies and set up our Wonky Paws Club especially for them. Some of these animals may remain under our care through our Permanent Foster scheme to ensure that their final months or years are as comfortable as possible.


We believe that spaying and neutering is the only real solution to the issue of stray animals all over the world. Our Save a Life, Spay Another campaign offers adopters the opportunity to donate an extra £25 on top of their adoption fee. This donation allows us to neuter another animal overseas which improves their quality of life, reduced their risk of diseases such as pyometra and certain cancers and, over time, reduces the numbers of strays.


At PAW Society, we believe that individuals and organisations having a united front can improve animal welfare all over the world and that together, we can save more paws.

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The Fundraising Manager is vital to our organisation. We receive no government or grant funding and rely solely on donations from the public. We'...