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People & Planet

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National - Britain


People & Planet is the largest student network in the UK campaigning for social and environmental justice. We envision a future in which spiraling inequality, instability, climate crisis and resource depletion are reversed, and a world in which the balance of power in society has fundamentally shifted to an equal world that benefits all of us.

People & Planet has three main goals:

  1. Empower the next generation of change-makers by training and mentoring young people, including those underrepresented in the third sector, to be movement leaders with skills and motivations that last their whole lives.

  2. Achieve systemic change by developing cutting edge campaigns in coalition with front-line communities, which tackle the root causes of social and environmental injustice, and create radical alternatives and narratives that are able to shift mainstream opinion and structures.

  3. Transform the education sector by steering universities and colleges to play a just role in the economy, and act as hotbeds for new ideas able to develop a more egalitarian, sustainable world.


We empower students and young people to be a driving force in creating a better world by training, supporting and mentoring them to be effective change-makers and integrate principles of collective liberation in their campaigns. We work with partners to form strong international coalitions that include affected communities themselves, and together challenge the holders of power at the transnational level.

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