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Pennine Animal Welfare Society

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PAWS was set up in 2007 by our founder Sue. She was pet sitting at the time and was trying to rescue a dog. She kept being pushed back by other rescues because she lived in a flat and other circumstance. She wanted to give everyone a chance to have a rescue success story regardless of age, location or circumstance. We have no age limit for adopters  and take everyone on a case by case basis.  

We have saved over 1,500 Cats, dogs and other small furries since we opened and we are currently embarking on our biggest adventure yet trying to build a new rescue from scratch after our landlord served us notice. 


We rescue animals within 15 miles of Todmorden but we also support families in feeding their pets in times of hardship. PAWS is a safe space for volunteers who are struggling with life and need the love of animals to get them back on their feet. We also run multiple events throughout the year within our community and have 100's of wonderful supporters. 

Current opportunities

West Yorkshire, OL14 8RY

PAWS is in the process of moving and needs a massive amount of funds to build our new home. We need someone who is social media savvy to help us...