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The Pearls for Oceans charitable association aims to raise funds from the jewellery and fashion sectors in order to grant funds to support the following actions:

  1. Mitigation - Campaign to persuade governments and industry in the largest economies to rapidly transition to a low carbon economy to achieve the 1.5 degree target, linking this need with the issues facing the world's oceans.
  2. Adaptation - protecting and restoring the critical ecosystems for marine organisms to spawn, grow and feed, in particular near-shore ecosystems (estuaries, etc), coral reefs and sea mounts.  
  3. Sustainable extraction of marine resources - we support sustainable fisheries and the development of managed marine areas, and sustainable pearl cultivation (guidance, promotion, research)

Through supporting the above actions we hope to influence governments and industry to take action to keep within the 1.5 degree target, to protect some of the critical marine habitats which support marine life, and thereby create a sustainable blue economy for the almost 1 billion people who rely upon coastal marine resources.


On the one hand we raise funds from designers and brands who create jewellery and fashion accessories using sustainable ocean pearls and mother of pearl, and where they donate between 10% and 100% of the sale value to the Pearls for Oceans Association.  The association then grants these funds to implementing partners to deliver our actions and objectives.

We have several partners that assist us in this process and in implementation, which is in UK waters, the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Asia-Pacific.  Our actions include campaigns to reduce carbon emissions, restoration of coral reefs, restoration of kelp forests and oyster reefs, establishment of sustainable fishing and marine managed areas.

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