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The Parents Union

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The Parents' Union has been created to be on the side of parents against arbitrary and unevidenced prosecutions by Local Authorities and the Government and to fight for the voice of parents to be heard in the formation and implementation of education policy.

Our current focus is on the campaign to reverse the term time holiday regulations, to give back to Headteachers the discretion they had prior to Sept 2013 to allow up to 10 days absence per year. We do not believe the current regulations to be lawful.


The organisation has been formed recently by John Hemming (ex MP for Birmingham Yardley) and myself to continue the legal and political work streams which came up from the group I co-founded: Parents Want A Say.

We are currently undertaking two major pieces of work: 1. we are submitting a case for judicial review on behalf of Noah Myers see

2. We are undertaking a project called "Parents Voice in Parliament", working in the House of Lords to challenge the Education and Adoption Bill with some minor grant funding from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. 

These work streams mean that we are in need of assistance with a range of practical skills in completing the branding and web presence of our organisation, in document design and in building our communication channels with supporters. 

Other than the very specific funding for the Parliamentary work, the organisation has no other funding and works on an entirely voluntary basis. We may also be looking for assistance in fundraising for future legal costs should Mr Myers case proceed far enough. The organisation has been set up as a limited company in order to protect volunteers from financial liability in court cases. 



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