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OxFizz aims to generate social good in three main ways:

  • We raised as much money as possible for good causes and since we were founded we have donated over £600,000 to charities chosen by our volunteers. In 2015 our volunteers raised over £60 an hour for charities of their choice.
  • We use our expertise and resources to improve access to top universities for students from non-traditional university backgrounds. We work closely with organisations like Teach First, ARK Schools, The Access Project and The Sutton Trust Fullbright Commission. 
  • We provide empowering and flexible volunteering opportunities to current students and recent graduates to allow them to engage with philanthropy.


We provide high-quality educational services to individuals and schools. These services are delivered by our team of current students and recent graduates who volunteer their time and, in exchange for volunteering, they raise money for a charity of their choice. The amount they raise is determined by dividing our profits at the end of the year, minus a reserve, by the number of hours volunteered by our volunteers. Our volunteers also provide the same educational services, free of charge, to students who are from non-traditional university backgrounds who are not able to pay for the support.

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