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Oxfam believes that people are entitled to five fundamental rights: a sustainable livelihood; basic social services; life and security; to be heard; and equity. We work to give people these rights and fight poverty and suffering through our one-programme approach.


Our main activities are campaigning, development work and emergency work. In the trading sector we aim to achieve the maximum possible profits in our retail shops in order to fund these activities.

Oxfam is a vibrant global movement of passionate, dedicated people fighting poverty together. Doing amazing work, together. People power drives everything we do. From saving lives and developing projects that put poor people in charge of their lives and livelihoods, to campaigning for change that lasts. That’s Oxfam in action.

To have the biggest possible impact on the lives of poor people worldwide, Oxfam concentrates on three interlinked areas of work:

Emergency response
People need help in an emergency - fast. We save lives, swiftly delivering aid, support and protection; and we help communities develop the capacity to cope with future crises.

Development work
Poor people can take control, solve their own problems, and rely on themselves - with the right support. We fund long-term work to fight poverty in thousands of communities worldwide.

Campaigning for change
Poverty isn’t just about lack of resources. In a wealthy world it’s about bad decisions made by powerful people. Oxfam campaigns hard, putting pressure on leaders for real lasting change.

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