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Outside In Pathways (OIP) works with museums and galleries to provide artistic, educational and social opportunities for people with learning disabilities and autism (PWLD). It does this by facilitating access to museum and gallery collections and by actively supporting people to use and enjoy them. Tailoring activities to the needs of people with learning disabilities creates a new audience for museums and galleries. This entails raising the awareness of museum and gallery staff, social care providers, families and the general public about the needs of people with learning disabilities, especially around communication and the role that museums and galleries can play in reducing social isolation.

Like Blake, we think that civilization is in imagination. We use the profound social ideas embodied in the artefacts and artworks to facilitate the creation of film, music, collage and photography.


By using the public spaces in museums and galleries for workshops, rehearsals and performances and by employing mainstream artists, performers and technicians to lead the work, OIP aims to promote the citizenship of people with learning disabilities. Many people with learning disabilities either cannot or do wish to take the traditional routes to social inclusion through employment and independent living. Yet they may develop feelings of attachment and belonging through the use of artistic spaces.

Current and past programmes have involved the creation and performance of an operetta based on the river Thames at the V&A Museum; an exploration of the position of people with disabilities through artifacts at the Science Museum; and the publication of a book of photo-collage artwork inspired by exhibitions and presentations at several museums and galleries around London. 

OIP is active in European-wide initiavtives to share best-practice involving the role of the arts and cultural instiutions in promoting inclusion of marginalised groups such as those with learning disabilities. Currently we are piloting with partners in Austria, Northern Ireland, Turkey and Romania a bank of resources for parents of children with autism. Our role is to advocate for the role of the arts in any such programme.

The organization builds professional networks across the arts, NHS, social services, families and carers to educate and promote mental health for one of societies most disenfranchised groups. OIP is a not-for-profit company with charitable aims guided by a steering group including Heather Honour, leading the Disability Coalition; Prof. Zenobia Nadirshaw, psychologist and Tony Bevan, painter. Dr. Valerie Sinason, psychoanalyst is our Patron.

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Fundraising for a small charity, Outside In Pathways, who create and facilitate arts and heritage projects in Londons museums and galleries....