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  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender
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Out for Sport is a charitable body (Charity Reg.No. 1198240) supporting grassroots clubs to make London the best city in the world for LGBTQ+-inclusive sport. Originally established in 1998, over the past 24 years, we have helped London’s grassroots LGBTQ+ sports clubs deliver the positive benefits of sport to thousands of people.

Out for Sport currently supports 39 member clubs, representing more than 30 sports and activities with more than 7,750 members. Those clubs offer everything from Rugby and Tennis to Dragon Boating and Line Dancing. Some clubs have been going for 25+ years, like Hackney Women’s FC, while some started in lockdown, like Unicorns LGBTQIA+ Netball.

Our Strategic Priorities are:

  1. Creating Stronger Clubs: Support and advice; training; collective funding opportunities; promotion and communications support; DE&I frameworks.
  2. Broadening participation in LGBTQ+ sport: Promoting member clubs; Inspiring under-represented groups to take up sport; Promoting different pathways into sport; Facilitating multi-sport events.
  3. Bringing clubs together: Providing a forum for member clubs to meet/ discuss/ share/ collaborate; Mentoring partnerships; Collective fundraising; International best-practice; Co-ordination of club events and promotions.
  4. Strengthening the voice of LGBTQ+ clubs in sport: Support effective public representation; Identify facility and resource needs; Showcase impact and value of LGBTQ+ sport; Presence at LGBTQ+ community events.


Out For Sport delivers on its objectives by:

  • Offering practical training courses and expertise;
  • Organising an annual Sports Fair;
  • Celebrating LGBTQ+ sports through our Awards;
  • Connecting clubs through mentoring and events;
  • Driving participation in global sporting events like the Gay Games;
  • Promoting LGBTQ+ sport in the media and online.

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