Our Second Home

Our Second Home

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OSH is a transnational youth movement that helps migrants and refugees flourish in the place they call home, focusing on ages 14 to 18. Through transformative activities, we empower our members to create community and build leadership.

There are thousands of young refugees and migrants arriving in this country every year. We believe in the unbounded potential of these individuals and are driven to help them thrive.

Our residential experiences are at the start of this journey, allowing us to create a space where we can teach leadership skills and spark ideas. With the right support, our ambition is to ensure that young refugees and migrants can take control of their own lives.


Our small volunteer team formed in October 2017 and delivered our first summer residential in August 2018, providing educational and community-building activities for 25 unaccompanied asylum seeking migrants aged 14-18 from 8 countries, and supported by 13 volunteer leaders who we trained. Since then we have grown, training a cohort of 7 refugees to become leaders who co-led a residential for 43 young people (a 72% increase) from 14 countries in 2019, and running 3 residentials reaching over 100 young people in 2020. 

We are looking to continue and expand our work; to have more residentials that provide for more participants throughout the year. Until now, OSH was housed under the auspices of the youth movement of Masorti Judaism (a denomination of Judaism). They have provided us with infrastructure such as insurance, bookkeeping, and the processing of donations. We are now beginning the process to become an independent charity, and appoint our founding trustee board.

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