Osiligi Charity Projects

Osiligi Charity Projects

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Osiligi helps some of the poorest people in Kenya through education and clean water. We built and help manage a Primary school in a  Maasai area. This is one of the best performing Primary schools in Kenya enabling some of the world's poorest to graduate to some of the best Kenyan high schools. The long term aim is to help lift this rural area out of poverty through education.

Each year, we repair 300-400 broken water pumps and to date have repaired more than 1800 broken pumps bringing local clean water to around 600,000 people.

The charity was started in 2010 and has no paid employees, only volunteers.


Education - We built Osiligi Obaya Primary school in 2012 and sponsor some of Kenya's poorest children to attend there. A small orphanage supports the most disadvantaged. The excellent facilities and teachers mean that most of the children achieve entry into some of the best high schools in Kenya. We want many of the fully qualified children to eventually come back and help lift their community out of poverty.

Local clean water - Many of Kenya's poorest rely on the village hand pump for their water. Around 30% of these pumps are broken. Each year, a team of local engineers repair 300-400 broken pumps. Funding of the repairs is from a few donors.

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