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Open Minds

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  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Men
  • Mental health
  • Physical disabilities
  • Women

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We provide a social support service to isolated disabled people, who have learning disabilities and mental health problems. Our organisation assists them by building healthy relationships for individuals, who experience depression as a result of a fractured social network. Our core activities, for example, meetings and workshops provide an anchor, so creating a sense of stability. Our projects support members look beyond our internal structures, for example, how our support can help them be more involved in the community. Some of our members have minimum contact with others and as a result low confidence an underused capacity. An effect of our work is to stretch individual’s ability to communicate with others, for example, an individual planned and delivered his first presentation at a group meeting. This meant overcoming obstacles with his cerebral palsy and anxiety about how we would react.


We provide 5 activities each month - 2 at weekends, 2 spread out during weekdays in the month and an evening social meeting. Our goal is to have something each week, so that individuals avoid loneliness.

Our activities are described in detail on our web-site. However we see our mid-month meeting that promotes active involvement with other groups as a means of promoting our service. 


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