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What is One2One Listening?
It’s a vision to set up One2One listening spaces in and around Preston where people can meet with a trained listener in a safe, welcoming, accepting and inclusive environment.

Who is it for?
Anyone over 18 who might want to talk to someone about particular life issues including bereavement, financial worries, loneliness, relationship problems, health concerns, anxiety, stress etc.

Why is it important?
It’s important because we live in a busy, noisy, hectic world where people are crying out ‘help no-one is listening to me.’ It’s important because people often struggle to find someone who will give them the time and space to really listen to them.  It’s important because statistics show that talking therapies are beneficial to people’s health and well-being and can often prevent people from reaching crises but can also help in times of crisis.  It’s important because when people are listened to they feel respected, valued, loved, significant, empowered and helped. 


One2One Listening is currently:

  • offering training in Effective Listening Skills to anyone who wants to learn more. This will enhance everyone's ability to listen and be heard better.
  • recruiting and training volunteer Listeners who will complete the Professional Listening Skills course (3 modules, over 3 days).
  • training project Tutors to ensure the project is sustainable and can offer continuous training programmes throughout the year
  • recruiting new volunteers, with a wide range of experience to drive the project forward to it's launch in September 2016

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