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NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service) is a leading rights based charity ensuring we listen to what children and young people want, care about what they say and do everything we can to empower them to have a voice. NYAS provides advocacy and legal representation to children and vulnerable adults when important decisions are being made about them. The children and young people NYAS work with might be in care, have a disability or special needs, be subject to child protection plans, have mental health difficulties or their parents might be separating.  The services include;  helpline,  advocacy, Volunteer Independant visiting, IMHA, Reg 32, 34, Return interviewing, Participation, Contact centres, Fundraising, Legal Representation and Training. We exist to support children, vulnerable adults, parents and carers to be heard through the provision of confidential advice, information and representation.

NYAS is also the largest national provider of Independent Visitor Services across England and Wales so we have lots of experience of supporting volunteers in this rewarding role.

We would like to expand our national network of Independent Visitors, becoming an Independent Visitor can be very rewarding for you and life changing for a young person in care, being a consistent and supportive person in their life, helping them learn to trust, have fun and grow.


An Independent Visitor is a volunteer who befriends and develops a long-term friendship with a young person in care.

This can involve helping young people develop new interests, skills and hobbies or going on outings such as to the cinema, bowling or just a walk in the park.

The volunteers are called ‘Independent Visitors’ because they are a truly ‘independent’ person outside the care system giving the young person continuity, which is something not always possible with changing carers and social workers.

We are looking for adults of all ages and from all walks of life who would like to make a significant and positive difference to the life of a young person.

Do I need any special experience?

No specific formal qualifications are required. All we ask is that you are open minded, patient, responsible and have a good sense of humour with the ability to relate well to young people and have a genuine interest in their well-being.

Every young person in care has different needs but is carefully matched so that they have some common interests with the Independent Visitor.


We ask that you are willing to commit to a few hours once a month for a minimum of two years and be a consistent and trusted friend in a young person’s life.

Many young people in the care system have experienced repeated changes and often you will be the only person in their life that is not paid to be with them.

Young people who want an Independent Visitor may be facing difficulties and situations you may not be familiar with which is why you will receive regular one to one support from your local NYAS Co-ordinator.

You will also be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses. This includes activities undertaken with your young person and an allowance for travel expenses.

Any necessary training will be provided.




To achieve our mission and work towards our stated aims our approach to equality, diversity, and inclusion is based on

the following Core Values:


Fairness – we will work to ensure that we promote equality, diversity and inclusion and do not discriminate against any

of our service users, staff, volunteers or stakeholders.

Respect – we will encourage a workplace and service culture which is constructive, where everyone is valued for their

contribution and their voice is heard. We will value all our service users, staff, volunteers and stakeholders as equal

participants, treat them with dignity and listen and be constructive in all our dealings with them.

Integrity – we will work to ensure that all our practices are transparent, open to change and honest and we will maintain

confidentiality where appropriate.

Expertise and Excellence – we will ensure the highest professional competency and value mix that is optimistic,

positive and able to contribute to all those we work with to enable them to reach their full potential.

Empowerment – we will work with individuals to enable them to fulfil their potential and maximise their ability to

advocate for themselves.

Accountability - we will take responsibility for what we do, acknowledge our mistakes and be accountable to


Independence - we will speak up on behalf of children, young people and vulnerable adults and use our independence

to ensure their rights are upheld.

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