Nutrition and Diet Resources UK (NDR-UK)

Nutrition and Diet Resources UK (NDR-UK)

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National - Britain


Our mission is to deliver high-quality resources to enable clinicians and health & care services to educate patients, facilitate self-management and improve health and well-being. We do this to achieve our vision where health & care services are more empowered to support patients to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.We aim to achieve benefits for our health sector audience:

- Health Challenges are tackled through high-quality, evidence resources, developed and accessible across the UK

- Enhanced service delivery is realised by enabling clinicians to focus on patient care

- Value for Money solutions with dietary resources provided through different media by a single trusted provider

We know we make a positive impact on patient health through increasing individuals' understanding and knowledge of the dietary changes they need to make to self-manage their conditions. For health professionals, the greatest impacts are on avoiding duplication of effort and more cost-effective use of their time and resources.


We have four complementary workstreams to deliver our outcomes:

1. We produce tools to educate: the development of multi-format tools to educate patients according to recognised clinical health pathways and the evidence-base

2. We promote Learning and Co-production between health services to deliver best practice for peers

3. We use Technology to enhance access to robust risk-assessed patient information

4. We Monitor and Evaluate what we do to identify routes to improve and deliver sustainable services


We operate as a social enterprise, not-for-profit organisation. Our patient materials are promoted and sold (primarily) to health sector organizations as cost-effective, value-for-money solutions for patient support.

Current opportunities

NDR-UK creates evidence-based information for health professionals to educate patients, to support self-management of health conditions. A new...