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National - Britain


Our purpose is to promote the unlimited inclusion of d/Deaf and deafblind people through effective and excellent communication services.

NRCPD promotes the value of regulation to the professions, service users, Governments and public, private and not for profit organisations. We set high professional standards for language support professionals and maintain registers of those who meet these standards.

Our registers are growing every year and we now have more than 1,600 registrants.


NRCPD maintains a register of Language Service Professionals working with d/Deaf and deafblind people.  We set the standards for professional practice and uphold these standards through rigorous Professional Conduct procedures.

We work with Professional Associations to ensure that their members uphold the standards set by NRCPD and work towards the unlimited inclusion of d/Deaf and deafblind people.

NRCPD is working towards the statutory regulation of Visual and Tactile Language Service Professionals, to ensure the safety of vulnerable d/Deaf and deafblind people.

We work with Public bodies to promote the importance of using regulated professionals to work with d/Deaf and deafblind people, to ensure their suitability to work with vulnerable people and children and to ensure the safety and protection of the public.

NRCPD works with Educators to ensure that the training provided to Visual and Tactile Language Service Professionals meets the standards to ensure that d/Deaf and deafblind people receive excellence in communication.

NRCPD works to advance the education of the public through raising awareness of the societal barriers faced by d/Deaf and deafblind people due to the lack of language and communication access and the limiting impact this has on their prospective outcomes. 

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