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Our Beneficiaries

Current key stage 3 students (aged 11-14) who will be part of one of the first generations to feel the increasing impacts of climate change. 


How We Help

We help these students to develop practical skills, as well as knowledge and awareness, to empower them to take action and become global citizens.


Why Our Help Matters

Even at that early stage, students are expected to begin making plans about their future. These decisions are imposed before they are taught to see the connections between their subjects and the complex systems in the world. We will start to improve the lives and circumstances of these young students by helping them to navigate these choices from an informed and empowered position.

What students decide to do upon completion of the programme is up to them - agency is crucial to genuine empowerment. Whether they alter their choice of degree or job or choose to start a campaign to alter the sources of food in their school canteen. It is up to them. But importantly we provide them with the knowledge, skills and awareness they need to make informed decisions at this influential time in their lives.


Nourish Our World co-creates edible gardens with young people (aged 11-14) in unused spaces in secondary schools and delivers interactive workshops about food security, to demonstrate the interconnectedness of climate change with the food system.

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