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Norwood Community Group Services (NCGS) was formed in April 2006 with the sole intention of making a positive contribution to society. As parents we realise the need to try and engage our young people in positive activities, and the need has never been greater as it is today.

Our core members came through the vehicle of West Norwood Community Development (WNCD) – a community organisation that was established through campaigning against the Old Library Hub’s closure.

We moved on from WNCD and formed NCGS in April 06. Our first project was called Fit for Life kick Boxing and we concentrated on Health and Fitness. Next, we delivered an educational program called Express Yourself. Both of these projects were successful due to the communities’ involvement.

NCGS have since been actively delivering projects since 2008, and have now embarked on mentoring and training programs to tackle crime, victim abuse, home life issues etc amongst the youth.

To date all users that participated in the Assessment & Qualification Alliance (AQA) Accreditations program to include: Arts & Crafts, co-designed projects with local youth, outings Kick Boxing, Karate and Fitness courses have all been successful.


We are commissioned providers for Lambeth and we currently deliver universal projects and targeted services within Lambeth, our targeted work involves recreational activities and as well as mentoring & counselling.

Norwood Community Group Services is fortunate to have a wealth of expertise and able facilitators within our reach. Years of community involvement on the ground level, has enabled us to tap into skills previously unnoticed, we nurture them, with the hope of growth.

We are affiliated with AQA, an accreditation organisation recognized within Youth and Community work circles. This gives us to access to valuable additional resources. Whether it is for educational courses, camping and recreational activities, NCGS are able to help support our young people and users.

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