Norwich Credit Union

Norwich Credit Union

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  • Financial inclusion

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Society, cooperative or credit union
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We are a small, vibrant and growing, community-based credit union with a common bond that covers the whole of Norfolk. We now have approximately 2000 members.

We offer four share products – a standard share account, a Christmas Savings account, an immediate payment account (for members on benefits to withdraw funds) and a required savings account.

We offer our members savings and low-cost loans. We also have Junior Savers. Savings and loans are automatically covered by life assurance, normally at no cost to our members.

Like all credit unions, we are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and PRA (Prudential Regulation Authority), and belong to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

We are owned and run by our members, and offer access to safe savings and affordable loans (subject to a small annual administration fee). All members aged 18 and over can access these loan products.


Offering low costs interest loans to members. Encourage members to save so that they may develop a saving habit in the future and better money management and budgeting.

Maintain our Financial Stability so that we may be able to continue to meet the needs of the people of Norfolk who may be suffering financial hardship.

Work with partners to offer services to vulnerable people who might otherwise be excluded from mainstream society due to financial hardship.

Increase income, decrease costs, and improve efficiency.

By offering loan products at low interest rate to people who might not be able to get loans from the hight street banks.  We help to ensure the living standards and wellbeing of marginalised communities and those suffering financial difficulties..

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