NOMAD - Nations of Migration Awakening the Diaspora

NOMAD - Nations of Migration Awakening the Diaspora

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National - England


We, at NOMAD, a grassroots charity in Harrow, North-West London, comprise a community of diverse and compassionate individuals dedicated to catalysing positive change within communities and beyond. 

Our core mission involves providing a supportive haven specifically for young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, affording them opportunities to devise projects that tangibly impact both their lives and the community. 

We stand together with these youths, offering a sanctuary away from societal pressures and striving to empower them in navigating oppressive systems without becoming complicit.


NOMAD provides comprehensive support to young individuals, particularly those hailing from refugee or migrant backgrounds. In addition to offering a safe space and meals where they can forge friendships and find emotional support, NOMAD extends personalized legal support to its young service users.

This involves referring them to our diverse network of partners and solicitors while aiding their comprehension of the challenges related to their legal status. We further assist in enhancing their inclusion prospects by offering training, befriending, and mentoring opportunities

Current opportunities

we are currenly looking for a mentor to help a young person plan for their sports career.    our client has interest in Basketball and is...