Nibbles Rodent & Rabbit Rescue

Nibbles Rodent & Rabbit Rescue

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Nibbles is a small independent rescue and rehoming centre specifically catering for domestic rodents and rabbits, which was established in 2015 in response to the limited rescue support within the West Wales area.  Despite being the nations third favourite pet rabbits don't engender the same passions as dogs and cats and as a result are often limited or totally excluded from more established rescue channels.  It is averaged that over 67,000 rabbits become unwanted every year in the UK and rescues which do cater for rabbits are always full with long waiting lists for available placements.  Here at Nibbles we believe that these forgotten pets deserve the same standards of rescue care and support as those commonly afforded to dogs and cats. We strive to offer rescue help to as many as possible.


  • To provide and maintain suitable facilities for the reception, care and treatment of domestic rodents and rabbits.
  • To provide both routine and non-routine veterinary treatment for the animals while in the care of the rescue, including the neutering and vaccination of rabbits.
  • To actively seek new suitable homes for the animals via a detailed adoption process including homechecks on all species.
  • To operate a back-up for life and non-destruct policy

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