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NNA is a UK charity which aims to improve public health by educating about, and advocating for, the use of reduced risk products (such as e-cigarettes and snus) as a substitute for smoking.  Users of reduced risk nicotine products are almost exclusively smokers, who use them to cut down or stop their use of combustible tobacco.  There are 2.9 million e-cigarette users in the UK but there remains widespread misunderstanding about vaping, which is limiting the potential for smokers to move to the far safer alternative.  NNA has been instrumental in getting vaping accepted by the public health community in the UK, which is one of the most progressive countries with regards to regulations around e-cigarettes. We are continuing this work and also working to combat public prejudice against vaping, through our Challenging prohibition campaign.  We are also campaigning to get the EU ban on the sale of snus lifted. Our activities not only benefit current users of reduced risk products but, perhaps more importantly, aim to keep reduced risk products accessible and appealing to the 7.6 million remaining smokers in the UK.


Most activities which the charity is involved in are carried out by the trustees, associates and one part time member of staff. Most of this is delivered in a voluntary capacity. NNA provides information, consultation and advice to a variety of agencies including

  • The Department of Health

  • The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

  • The Tobacco and related Products Directive

  • Public Health England

  • Various NHS Trusts

  • The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority

  • The EU Consultation on Taxation Options

  • The Committee on Advertising Practice guidelines on the advertising of e-cigarettes

  • The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines for stop smoking services

  • The British Standards Institute Working Group contributing to European standards on e-cigarettes.

We have also submitted evidence both to the Scottish Government Consultation on e-cigarettes and to the House of Commons Health Committee inquiry. NNA is regularly consulted by government departments and agencies.

Trustees are also actively involved with;

  • Public Health England

  • The Royal Society of Public Health,

  • The Royal Society of Medicine

  • The All Party Parliamentary Group on Electronic Cigarettes

  • The Global Forum on Nicotine

  • The E-Cigarette Summit

  • Various stop smoking service providers

  • E cigarette consumer meetings - including and to meetings of electronic cigarette users, including

    • The Glasgow School of Vape

    • Vape Collective

    • Vape Fest

    • Vape Jam

    • Vape Expo Paris

    • Vaper Expo Birmingham.

 Trustees provide research advice and support to

  • The Roy Castle Foundation

  • Cancer Research UK

  • The University of Stirling

  • the University of Leicester

  • South Bank University

  • The University of East Anglia.

We have contributed to the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Treatment’s video project for Public Health England. 


NNA is also an official intervenor in the challenge to the ban on the sale of snus in the European Union:  the case was heard at the European Court of Justice on 25 January 2018.

We provide advice and consultation services to a variety of industries including travel and transport operators, managers and owners of public venues and the hospitality industry about the use of electronic cigarettes in public places. 

Lastly we have a high presence on social media to enhance public understanding on reduced risk nicotine products.

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