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New Journey Coaching

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  • Criminal justice
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Young people

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Not for profit
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National - England


New Journey Coaching C.I.C. is committed to assisting disadvantaged individuals, particularly ex-offenders and the homeless aged 16 and above. Through peer mentoring and transformative coaching, workshops, online resources, and an online community, the organisation empowers these individuals to envision a brighter future and regain control of their lives. By addressing their unique needs and challenges, the organisation helps break the cycle of re-offending, heal from trauma, and create lasting positive change. The impact lies in fostering empowerment, healing, community, and long-term transformation.





To achieve its objectives, New Journey Coaching C.I.C. employs a multifaceted approach that encompasses various programs and strategies:

  1. Peer Mentoring and Transformative Coaching: The organisation offers one-on-one peer mentoring and transformative coaching sessions. Trained mentors, who have successfully overcome similar challenges, provide personalised guidance and motivation to help beneficiaries set and achieve meaningful goals. This approach instills a sense of hope and possibility by showcasing real-life success stories.

  2. Workshops and Group Sessions: New Journey Coaching C.I.C. conducts both in-person and online workshops, covering topics such as goal setting, understanding adverse childhood experiences (ACES), managing trauma like PTSD, and other essential life skills. Group sessions provide a safe space for beneficiaries to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another.

  3. Online Community and Resources: The organisation has created an online Facebook community where beneficiaries can interact, share progress, and access additional support. Online coaching programs and resources provide continuous learning opportunities and practical tools to facilitate ongoing personal growth.

  4. Individual Consultations: Prior to enrollment, beneficiaries participate in a 30-minute consultation. This ensures a clear understanding of the program's expectations and requirements, fostering commitment and accountability from the outset.

  5. Tailored Curriculum: The organisation designs its programs to address the specific challenges faced by ex-offenders and homeless individuals. By tailoring the curriculum to their needs, it maximises the relevance and impact of the coaching and mentoring services.

  6. Holistic Support: New Journey Coaching C.I.C. takes a holistic approach, recognizing that personal growth and transformation involve emotional healing, skill-building, and community engagement. This comprehensive support system addresses the multifaceted nature of the beneficiaries' situations.

  7. Collaboration and Partnerships: The organisation collaborates with community partners, social services, and relevant stakeholders to ensure beneficiaries have access to a network of resources beyond the coaching and mentoring programs. This expands the range of support available to them.

  8. Measuring Impact: New Journey Coaching C.I.C. implements mechanisms to measure the impact of its programs. Regular assessments, feedback surveys, and success stories help the organisation gauge the effectiveness of its services and make necessary improvements.

By combining peer mentorship, coaching, workshops, an online community, and personalised resources, New Journey Coaching C.I.C. provides a comprehensive ecosystem of support that empowers disadvantaged individuals to overcome challenges, envision a better future, and make positive, lasting changes in their lives.

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