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Our organisation predominantly helps people aged over 55, within the BD12 area of Bradford, who are isolated, elderly, frail or vulnerable.  We also help the wider community by offering volunteer posts which can lead to new skills development, bettered job prospects and overall well-being.  Families and carers of those who we work with also benefit by gaining respite, peace of mind and having comfort in the knowledge that support is available.


We provide a variety of services including Day Care, Befriending, Well-being Cafes, Memory Clubs, Money Buddies and Healthy Hearts MOT checks.

Day Care: provides a friendly and safe environment for people over 55 of the BD12 area to meet.  Offers freshly cooked food, engaging activities and enables social inclusion.

Befriending: provides companionship and a link to the outside world for those over 55, within the BD12 area, who are isolated from the community.  Offers the opportunity of exploring other available services, prevents heightened progression of depression/anxiety through relaxed one to one activities and encourages personal developments around independent living.

Well-being Cafes: provides carers and those over 55, within the BD12 area, with a friendly and relaxed environment to enjoy an afternoon of respite.  Offers a selection of cold refreshments, hot and cold beverages, professional key speakers from a variety of health/social care backgrounds and live entertainment.  Carers can benefit from the knowledge that they have a team of support around them to help look after their individual while they have some much needed "down time".

Memory Clubs: provides a relaxed cafe style environment for carers and people suffering with memory problems/Dementia to meet.  Offers a selection of memory based activities, a separate carers' respite room and facilitates group support.

Money Buddies: provides advice and support for those struggling with financial difficulties whilst promoting alternative support networks.

Healthy Hearts MOT: provides advice and active measures which can be taken to promote a healthy body and lifestyle.  Measures BMI, blood pressure, weight and water levels.


Commissioned by Bradford Council for the majority of our work, our services are geared towards promoting well being - physically, financially and socially.  By offering services such as these, social inclusion and awareness leads to a more coherent community and a more sustainable one too.


We ensure that all our services are linked to the latest best practise methods within our sector by taking part in forums and partnership meetings across West Yorkshire.

As our core membership are classified as a "protected group" we often take part in Government engagement sessions around new models of care.

Our volunteers and staff attend regular training sessions to keep our approach at the cutting edge of service delivery.

We invite families, carers and service users to offer feedback on our existing codes of practise.  We encourage service users to be active in co-designing our activities thus ensuring a tailored and relevant programme is available to them.

Partnerships, invited key speakers and selected entertainers are always chosen with our core membership at the forefront of our thinking.

The latest techniques and up to date equipment are utilised to ensure MOT checks are accurate and in line with government guidelines.

Menus are carefully prepared to provide a balanced nutritional intake for our service users.  Allergy and healthcare background checks are regularly undertaken to avoid negative outcomes.

We alternate our activities between cerebral, physical and social.

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