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New Economy Organisers Network

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NEON is a network of over 1,600 UK organisers from 900 different civil society groups. We run powerful trainings and support campaigns to help progressives win social, economic and environmental justice.

We need more connected, focused and skilful organising. That’s because right now, despite notable gains, the progressive movement faces huge challenges. The rise of ethnic nationalism is terrifying and most indicators in the UK, and globally, are going backwards: from climate change to the rise in racism and inequality.

These issues require systemic changes to our economy and society; this will take progressive movements that are aligned, skilful and strong. NEON is here to help build them.


NEON has three key goals:

  • connect people, organisations and movements
  • focus our movements on key battles
  • build the leaders and organisations we need to win.

To do this we run trainings, lead a network of organisers and work on cross cutting programmes.

NEON’s theory of change operates on two levels. In the short term we directly help people with skills, connection and support. That creates impact like media hits, new campaigns launched or successful solidarity across movements on key battleground issues.

In the longer term, the bet is that by building deep relationships and alignment between progressive movements that we’ll see a new cohort of leaders and groups able to win lasting change.

Our work is based around a strong belief in the power of organising, the centrality of anti-oppression work, the importance of experimenting until we get it right and working with international organisers. Because our impact comes from our members we stay behind the scenes and stay small, intentional and nimble.

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