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The Nest Farms

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  • Mental health
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We are a brand new startup.....The Nest Farms helps young people between 13-25 who are struggling with mental ill health. We use a combination of Green Care (including horticulture, animal husbandry, and other land based skills) and onsite therapy to help our young people manage their illnesses, and help them find ways back to education or employment. Our young people are facing a mental crisis like no other generation, and it is vital that we provide complementary care to support the services that already exist; a service that offers young people space and time and a safe environment to recover and flourish. 


The Nest will be providing social, educational, therapeutic and developmental opportunities to young people suffering with mental ill health  through a range of hands-on farming activities.

Providing them with a safe space to grow as people away from the challenges of everyday life, service users will have the opportunity to participate in meaningful activity in social groups, whilst in the natural environment (widely known as Green Care).

The Nest is a 10-acre arable field, and with the help of service users turn it into and maintain it as a productive small holding, and place of sanctuary. Service users will be encouraged to attend the farm to complement their existing educational or work infrastructure, or to help make the steps towards education or employment.

The Nest will provide opportunities to be involved in horticulture, animal husbandry, land and woodland based skills, as well as food preparation, cooking skills and other practical activities. The Nest will use animals to learn about trust and connection, grow plants to understand the value of nurturing and caring, and cook and eat together to understand the value of social interaction and community.

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