Neotropical Primate Conservation

Neotropical Primate Conservation

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Neotropical Primate Conservation was established in 2007 to promote the conservation of unique habitats and endemic animals in South America, with a particular focus on enabling local communities to establish and manage their own projects. We use primates as an umbrella species for conservation, but our work concerns a wide range of animals and forest habitats. We currently work in Peru and Colombia through our sister charities NPC Peru and NPC Colombia.


Our work is multifaceted – we work with local communities to provide effective protection for vast areas of forest; we conduct much-needed scientific research about some of the least understood primates on earth; we fight the trafficking of wild animals and have been involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of thousands of mammals, birds and reptiles; we assist communities to establish reserves and reforestation nurseries; we provide environmental education to children and adults.

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