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We are pioneering the movement in Europe and internationally to create a paradigm shift in law and consciousness that reverses the ecological crisis, transforms the system that facilitates the destruction of Nature and heals our relationship with Nature.

We do this by bringing Nature into legal, economic, social and political decision-making as a powerful stakeholder with legal personality and rights - reversing the old paradigm
based on outdated 15th century science that treats Nature as an object of the law - outside the system - and separate to us which is at the root of the multiple ecological crises that humanity faces today.

The legal construction of Nature as an object of law rather than a subject of law with legal personality and rights is the reason why it is legal to have an economic system based on infinite growth on a finite planet, why it is legal to have agriculture that poisons the earth, why it is legal to get our energy in ways that destroy ecosystems and why it is legal to create what scientists call the “sixth mass extinction”, driving countless species to the edge of oblivion. It is the reason why it is legal to subsidise industries that accelerate the destruction of Nature rather than industries that meet our needs in harmony with Nature.

Nature’s rights will correct this root cause of the crisis in law by bringing law up to date
with modern science. Integrated across all policy areas and enforced accordingly, it will
ensure that economic activity operates to enhance rather than undermine the resilience of ecosystems so that humanity can thrive in harmony with Nature. It will give a legal
imperative for the systems that facilitate destruction to evolve. It also counterbalances
corporate and property rights, values Nature intrinsically and creates a legal relationship between humanity and the rest of Nature, bringing in a legal duty of care.

 Nature’s rights strengthen all other environmental causes by bringing in an overarching legal framework that empowers and unites other already existing initiatives to protect Nature - by giving them a stronger basis in law. Environmental law deals with the externalities of the system rather than challenging the basis of the systemic root cause itself. This can only slow the ecological degradation - it cannot prevent or reverse it - our solution can.

Rights provide good leverage - a small change in law, when put into the system and followed through, changes everything.

This is a long term holistic solution that brings lasting, long-term prosperity for all beings rather than short term fixes. It sets in motion the systemic transformation and mindset shift needed for humanity to flourish in harmony with Nature for generations to come.

Nature’s Rights is a history making initiative - the next big rights movement. We offer a new vision for society based on love and compassion for all beings. With every expansion of rights came an expansion of consciousness: humanity is ready to take it to the next level - are you?


We work on law and policy making initiatives, educational initiatives, transforming our relationship with nature and raising awareness. We do a lot of advocacy, organise and participate in events, research, develop and make law and policy proposals at international, national and local levels. Our Trustees are thought leaders in this field. We also engage the grassroots. We are planning to bring a European Citizens Initiative to put the rights of Nature on the EU legislative agenda in 2020. To find out more about us see our Second Annual Report:

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