The National Flood Forum

The National Flood Forum

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Summary of our work

The National Flood Forum is an independent charity supporting people who are affected by flooding in England and Wales.  We are there in the aftermath of a flood to offer practical advice and emotional support – for as long as it takes.  We also work with community groups to help them reduce their risk of being flooded and support them to work in partnership with key agencies and authorities.  Finally, we champion the issues being faced locally to make sure government and organisations have a community perspective when developing policy and strategy in relation to flooding.


The National Flood Forum exists to help, support and represent individuals and communities at risk of flooding.  We understand the impact a flood can have on lives and livelihoods.  We care about putting people first to ensure they are aware of their flood risk, in control of their own lives and able to recover if flooding should occur.

We’ve been supporting flood-hit communities across the country for the past 14 years.  Our values are rooted in respect, empathy and independence.  Our vision is that:


Communities and individuals feel supported, informed and empowered to reduce their flood risk. The National Flood Forum stands out as the dedicated national body championing the voice of flood-risk communities.


As an independent charity we take the time to listen to the challenges individuals and communities face.  We provide practical help and emotional support, professional advice and expertise, as well as being impartial yet influential champions of the challenges faced by people at risk of flooding.

We are dedicated to:

  • Helping people to prepare for flooding
  • Helping people who have been flooded to recover
  • Supporting and empowering those at flood-risk to be part of the solution through community action
  • Representing people so that decision-makers take account of local knowledge, common concerns and grassroots expertise.
  • Working to put flooding issues at the centre of policy making
  • Providing training and consultancy services to professionals to help them develop a community perspective.
  • Remaining independent so that we can provide honest, unbiased advice via our helpline, website and the Blue Pages.

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