National Biodiversity Network Trust

National Biodiversity Network Trust

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The National Biodiversity Network Trust is a charitable organisation with a membership that shares biological data and information under the banner of the National Biodiversity Network (the NBN). Membership includes most of the UK’s national biological recording schemes and societies, many of the UK’s largest wildlife charities and Local Environmental Record Centres, as well as government agencies, research institutions, museums, botanic gardens and members of the public. By engaging with our membership, we are able to draw upon a broad range of skills and resources needed to develop the building blocks for an effective NBN.


The NBN provides a digital infrastructure to facilitate the sharing of wildlife information in the UK. By providing easy access to the information people need about wildlife, informed decisions can be made to ensure our natural environment is diverse and sustainable now and in the future.

The NBN vision is that:

“Biological data collected and shared openly by the Network are central to the UK’s learning and understanding of its biodiversity and are critical to all decision-making about nature and the environment.”

To achieve that vision the Network must deliver improvements to the recording, collection, verification, curation, aggregation, analysis and use of biological data in the UK.

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