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The Natalie Kate Moss Trust

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The Natalie Kate Moss Trust, is Manchester based charity set up in 2012 following the sudden death of Natalie at the age of 26 after an unexpected Brain Haemorrhage. We work to help PREVENT brain haemorrhages from happening and fund ground-breaking research to TREAT them when they do. 

Unfortunately 3 out of 5 people die within a month after having a brain haemorrhage, with 3 million people a year dying from brain haemorrhages, that's more deaths than lung and breast cancer combined!! We know that hypertension is the leading cause of lifestyle related brain haemorrhages, however on average 1/3 of a population has high blood pressure with 50% of those people unaware that they do.... and as such unaware of the potential of having a brain haemorrhages. 

Our mission is to change these numbers, by generating funds to support ground-breaking research at Manchester University to develop better treatment to save lives after brain haemorrhage occurs. Simultaneously, we are working to empower and educate more people on how to prevent lifestyle related brain haemorrhages from occurring in the first place. 


As we fundraise through marathons, challenges, fundraising dinners, golf days etc we also run events to raise awareness of our work and how to prevent brain haemorrhages such as our 'CHECK YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE' campaign as we educate more people on the need to check and manage their blood pressure as we know that high blood pressure is the leading cause of lifestyle related brain haemorrhages. 

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