NAT (National AIDS Trust)

NAT (National AIDS Trust)

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  • Campaigning
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Human rights
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender

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National - Britain


Over the past 3 decades we have made a huge difference to the lives of tens of thousands of people living with HIV in the UK by influencing the Government and driving positive change. NAT is completely independent, so we can challenge injustice wherever we see it- always led by the issue not where the money is. 

Our vision is a world in which people living with HIV are treated as equal citizens with respect, dignity and justice, are diagnosed early and receive the highest standards of care, and in which everyone knows how and is able to protect themselves and others from HIV infection.

All our work is focussed on achieving five strategic goals:

  • Effective HIV prevention in order to halt the spread of HIV
  • Early diagnosis of HIV through ethical, accessible and appropriate testing
  • Equitable access to treatment, care and support for people living with HIV
  • Enhanced understanding of the facts about HIV and living with HIV in the UK
  • Eradication of HIV-related stigma and discrimination

Some of our achievements (so far): 

  • NAT led a successful campaign to stop the Government from cutting HIV prevention funding by 50%.
  • NAT secured HIV treatment in the UK for everyone who needs it.
  • Persuaded the Government to review the new benefits assessments, so people living with HIV do not lose access to vital support.
  • Removed a key barrier to work for the 50% of people living with HIV who are unemployed, by making sure that they do not have to reveal their status before a job offer is made. 


We believe we make the most lasting and positive impact on the greatest number of lives by changing attitudes, behaviour, decisions and policies - and we seek to influence those whose actions have the biggest impact on the lives of people affected by HIV in the UK.

We listen to people living with, and affected by, HIV and those who support them and we put the needs and rights of HIV positive people at the heart of everything we do.

Some of our current priorities include: 

  • Campaigning for access to PrEP on the NHS, for all those who need it. 
  • Reducing the negative impact of disabilities benefit reform on people living with HIV.
  • Improving HIV care in immigration detention centres.
  • Campaigning for same-sex sex and relationships education.

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