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  • Learning disabilities / difficulties

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National - Britain


Supporting people with narcolepsy, their families, carers and others interested in improving their quality of life.


"Narcolepsy UK is a little charity with a big heart and even bigger plans."

Our objectives are to provide relief and aid to those persons suffering from narcolepsy, and our principal activities to achieve these objectives are:

  • The promotion and organisation of conferences and exhibitions relating to narcolepsy and its effects.
  • The promotion of, and/or assistance in promoting and carrying out:¬†research, surveys and investigations into narcolepsy and its effects.
  • Creating the funding strategies that make this work possible.
  • Arranging and providing exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes and training courses.
  • Collecting and distributing information via our publication "Catnap" and the Narcolepsy UK media portfolio comprising website, Facebook and Twitter, and social media generally.

Our vision is to help provide a world where narcolepsy is understood and people with narcolepsy have the support they need to ensure that their rights are upheld and that they have the same opportunities as others in society.

Narcolepsy UK currently has six Trustees and four part-time staff.

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