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Nantgarw China Works & Museum

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Who We Help (Our Beneficiaries):

The Nantgarw China Works and Museum primarily serves the local community, tourists, historians, and art enthusiasts. Our beneficiaries range from school children learning about local history to art collectors interested in the intricacies of porcelain production and decoration. We aim to make our resources and exhibitions accessible to everyone, regardless of age, background, or level of expertise.

How We Help Them (Our Services):

Education and Learning: We offer educational programmes, workshops, and guided tours to help visitors understand the history of Nantgarw's china works and the broader context of porcelain production. These programmes are tailored to different age groups and interests.

Exhibitions and Collections: Our museum showcases a diverse range of permanent collections and limited exhibitions featuring rare pieces of Nantgarw porcelain, historical artifacts, and interactive displays. We aim to provide a comprehensive and engaging experience for our visitors.

Community Engagement: We collaborate with local educational institutions, organisations, community groups, and artists to foster a sense of community and promote cultural heritage. Through outreach programmes and events, we aim to raise awareness and appreciation for the rich history of Nantgarw and its significance in the world of porcelain.

Conservation: As a custodian of Nantgarw's cultural heritage, we actively engage in conservation, and restoration efforts to preserve our site and its collections for future generations. We also provide resources and support for academic researchers and enthusiasts interested in studying Welsh porcelain and its historical significance.

Why Our Help Matters (Our Impact):

Preservation of Cultural Heritage: By preserving and showcasing the history of Nantgarw China Works, we contribute to the preservation of Welsh cultural heritage and ensure that future generations can learn from and appreciate our rich history.

Educational Impact: Our educational programmes and resources play a crucial role in enhancing public understanding and appreciation of art, history, and craftsmanship. We inspire curiosity, creativity, and lifelong learning among our visitors and workshop participants.

Tourism: As a popular tourist attraction, we contribute to the local economy by attracting visitors from near and far.

Community Building: We encourage active participation and collaboration within the community, enriching the social and cultural fabric of Nantgarw and its surrounding areas.


Collection Management and Conservation: Nantgarw China Works focus on acquiring, cataloging, and preserving artifacts related to Nantgarw porcelain production and its history.

Exhibitions and Displays: The museum regularly curate exhibitions to showcase different aspects of Nantgarw's porcelain history, craftsmanship, and innovations.  We collaborate with artists, historians, and experts to create engaging and informative displays that appeal to a wide range of visitors.

Workshops: Nantgarw China Works offer some 500 workshops per year specialising in heritage crafts.

Community Engagement and Outreach: Nantgarw China Works engage with the local community through outreach programs, events, and partnerships.

Marketing and Promotion: To attract visitors and raise awareness about its offerings, Nantgarw China Works engage in marketing and promotional activities.

Social media, website updates, press releases, and advertising campaigns to reach potential visitors, both locally and internationally are utilised.

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