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Small or unincorporated organisation
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An independent community news site for and by the people of Belper.


Our organisation is dedicated to fulfilling its objectives of providing independent news to the community by:

  1. News Gathering: We actively gather information on local events, issues, and developments through various means, including interviews, research, and monitoring of public sources.

  2. Reporting and Writing: Our team of volunteer contributors writes and reports on the news, ensuring accuracy, balance, and transparency in our coverage.

  3. Editing and Review: All content goes through an editorial process to maintain high-quality reporting standards, fact-checking, and unbiased coverage.

  4. Publication: We publish our news stories on our platform, whether it's a website, social media channels, or a local newsletter.

  5. Engagement: We encourage community engagement by inviting feedback, comments, and suggestions from our readers. We aim to establish a strong connection with our audience.

  6. Distribution: We distribute our news through various channels, ensuring it reaches a wide audience and remains accessible to the community.

  7. Community Outreach: We actively participate in community events, meetings, and discussions to understand local concerns and share our news coverage.

  8. Impact Assessment: We assess the impact of our reporting on the community by tracking changes, awareness, and the ability of our news to drive positive change.

  9. Adaptation and Improvement: We continuously adapt our operations and strive to improve our news coverage to better serve the community's evolving needs.

  10. Transparency and Accountability: We maintain transparency in our operations and are accountable to our readers and the community we serve.

These actions collectively help us meet our objectives of providing independent and valuable news to the community, fostering informed decision-making and contributing to the public interest.

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