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What MYDG stands for is exactly what its initials signify – for Youth, for their Development, through being an ongoing, open, outwardly-facing Group, rooted in the community of Muirhouse and its adjacent areas of north Edinburgh. Fundamental to MYDG is the building and maintaining of relationships with young people, as they grow up in Muirhouse.

MYDG engages and involves young people, responding to what is said, needs expressed, or support sought, through the activities of the Group, and through the connections built between volunteers (Muirhouse young people too) with those younger than themselves, and with the backing of MYDG staff.  At the heart of what MYDG stands for is an open door, a welcome, and a sense of belonging. The organisation is stable and can be relied upon, even over many years.  It gives real participation to young people who come through its door.

The result of the standing of MYDG within its community is that young people within MYDG feel respected and included, and their journey to adulthood is supported, filled with opportunities, worthwhile experiences and good memories.  It is not surprising that they are then willing and able to give something of themselves to support others.

Pride, humanity, aspirations and expanding horizons are big words for a small organisation in a less than perfect corner of a large city!  Nonetheless they are what is aimed for in the lives of young people who come to be a part of MYDG.


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