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My Home Life (MHL) began in England (City, University of London), in 2006, as a small project to identify best practice in care homes for older people.  It is now seen as a social movement to improve quality of life in care homes and other long term care settings, not just for residents and their relatives and friends who visit, but also, care home staff. MHL is delivered through a range of activities (research, leadership support, community development, and social impact). MHL has spread across the UK with collaborative partners in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, as well as, internationally in Australia and Germany. MHL Partners work together to take forward a vision that is all about improving quality of life in care homes by developing best practice together, focusing on relationships, being appreciative and having caring conversations. This evidence-informed initiative has had significant impact at both policy and practice levels.

MHL Charity ( was set up in 2019 to support the work of MHL Partners. MHL Charity is a small charity (started by a small charitable donation) which does not, as yet, have ambitions to employ staff having support for the MHL Partners as its primary purpose. It is registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales and the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.



The key activities of My Home Life include research, practice development and social impact as they relate to care home provision. If a Member is not able to fulfil all these different roles, they can decide to co-operate with another organisation to fill any gap (providing this is agreed with the Charity and the Members.

For the Charity

  1. To grant Member organisations a royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to use the My Home Life registered trademark and logo for the purposes of delivering the MHL vision and in any external communications, promotional work or funding applications relating to the MHL vision. This will be the primary means of demonstrating that Members are part of MHL network.
  2. To attract charitable funding to enhance the work of Members.
  3. To help spread and promote the work of Members and facilitate regular communication between Members.
  4. To provide networking opportunities for Members to collaborate and strengthen their research, enterprise and social action activities.
  5. To ensure the sustainability of My Home Life by providing a safe holding place for MHL initiatives including in the event that a host organisation is no longer able to continue as a Member.
  6. To enable other Members internationally to join the social movement for positive development in care homes.
  7. To develop an online Knowledge Hub that will serve as the archive for all My Home Life products and resources ensuring history is not lost.
  8. To mediate between Members should disputes arise.


For Members organisations

  1. To actively work to uphold the positive reputation of My Home Life activities within the spirit of values and principles of the royalty-free, non-exclusive licence.
  2. To seek funding to enhance the work of My Home Life (research, enterprise, social action) in their own country and/or in collaboration with other Members and/or the Charity.
  3. To engage with activities under the name My Home Life on the basis that costs are covered and any surplus funds generated through delivery of the programme are either be re-invested directly in the programme or in related educational initiatives or research that promote the My Home Life values and principles.
  4. To demonstrate a desire and commitment to work positively and collaboratively with Members organisations and others, role modelling the values and principles of My Home Life.
  5. To share learning and resources (unless expressly prohibited to do so under the terms of a contract with an external funding body) developed through delivery of the programme free of charge with other Member organisations to enable them to further develop the programme in their own countries. As far as possible resources will be registered for non-commercial use Creative Commons license.
  6. To work with the Charity to help find a new host in the event of there being a perceived risk to the sustainability of the MHL initiative in their own country.
  7. To commit to regular communication with the Charity and other Members including leading on learning and developments from their own country which can be shared.

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