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My Discombobulated Brain (MDB) is a small charity whose aim is to tackle the stigma associated with mental health.  They do this by offering a source of support and education to those who are affected by these issues.    We came about from an experience of what it was like to watch someone you love have mental health issues and the stigma they receive and are scared of and then experiencing it personally.



This charity is run solely by a small but passionate team of volunteers and covers a number of different projects to either educate others in mental health or to offer support to those suffering from mental health issues.

To do this the charity: :

 - Has, in 2022, launched an innovative geo-location app which aims to offer support to students in Cardiff suffering from mental health crisis/issues so they can locate the nearest source of help whenever they need it. 

- Hosts a Podcast series - Discombobulated Conversations - where the CEO talks with others about their experiences with mental health.

- Supports young people and their families in the mental health conversation through awareness raising in schools and businesses.

- Provides insight and guidance to public and private organisations on their approach to mental health. 


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