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  • Mental health
  • Older people / later life
  • Physical disabilities

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Music in Our Bones is a small local charity who use harmony singing as a tool, bringing together people who lack confidence, or who face barriers in accessing arts and music activities. We aim to reach Family Carers and people living with both long term physical conditions such as Stroke and Parkinsons as well as those managing dementia , bereavement, anxiety, depression and social isolation. No-one when they first arrive believes they CAN sing. We prove them wrong time and again, as together, with others, our voices ALWAYS make a great sound!

Singing with others is a powerful community building tool. It's joyful, it encourages people to feel part of something meaningful, breaking the isolation that so many people managing long term health conditions face. It also offers important physical benefits: improved breathing, posture, circulation, relaxation and other cognitive benefits. People with dementia find they enjoy  learning new songs as we teach everything by ear, as well as experiencing the joy of feeling fully alive again confidently singing favourite songs from their past. Stroke survivors struggling with speech can miraculously find complete ease when they sing.


We have created 8 singing communities across the county which offer regular high quality singing and community building sessions to approximately 275 people annually currently. Outreach sings at support groups and day centres reach 250+ annually and offer rich volunteering opportunities to older people singing with us who  join us to deliver these.

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