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Music Alive

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Music Alive works with people with physical, sensory, communication and learning disabilities of all ages throughout Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire.  We provide high quality opportunities to create and enjoy music, which assists the development, education, motivation, life skills and independence of disabled people.  We aim to support the long-term development of disabled people and encourage the integration of disabled and non-disabled people through music and social interaction. Opportunities for people with disabilities to enjoy and partake in music making and listening are frequently missing from a disabled person's routine. Music Alive fills that gap providing opportunities to enhance and compliment "main stream" activities towards skills development and independent living.


Music Alive delivers individual and group music sessions in our fully equipped music room, which cater directly for the clients preferences and individual needs. Integration with non-disabled musicians is encouraged and a small group perform throughout the year at a series of one-off events in the surrounding area. 

There is also a Music Alive record label which releases occasional recordings by artists with disabilities.

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