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Mummy's Star

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National - England


The charity focuses on supporting women and families where the:

  • Woman is diagnosed or treated for cancer during her pregnancy.

  • Woman is diagnosed or treated for cancer within a year of her giving birth.

  • Family in the first year of a birth lose their female partner as a result of cancer


Our work is done through four main strands

  • Providing a one stop shop for advice on cancer diagnosis in pregnancy including links to localised services. This is supported directly by Macmillan.

  • Advocacy on behalf of the families which can be anything from bringing in further support by working with other organisations through to support at medical appointments, to Benefits advice. Through we also employment rights advice. We also have the benefit of a child therapist working with the charity who offers telephonic support and guidance around children and diagnosis

  • Small grants for families which could be for anything which is deemed as supporting the family such as paying for a support carer/nanny to help in the house, payment to make up for unpaid leave taken by a partner to support at home above and beyond the allowances of paternity and travel costs. This is not an exhaustive list

  • Facilitating peer support in a supervised setting via the use of administrated internet forums for affected women, their partners and wider family members. Also, where appropriate, providing support for affected women individually via email, phone, Facebook and occasionally in person, thereby reducing isolation.

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