Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre

Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre

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  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender
  • Young people

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Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre Mosaic Services is specifically designed for young Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) as well as those who are questioning their sexuality and/or gender identity, persons age 13 - 19. Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre’s work has three core aims to support, educate and inspire LGBT young persons so that they feel more confident, have higher self esteem and feel part of wider LGBT community.



Mosaic Services

Youth Club

A safe space where young LGBT people can meet fellow peers who share their story and struggles. It offers support through peer to peer engagement, education through our specially selected workshop delivered in accordance with our very own LGBT learning curriculum; it is inspirational through the role modelling and guest speakers who make young people feel more comfortable with their LGBT identities.

Summer and Winter Camp

Very similarly to the youth club our residential programmes offer young LGBT people support, education and inspiration through a selection of outdoor activities, workshops and cross-curricular learning. Our residential programmes are specifically designed for those who can’t attend youth club sessions regularly.


A support service offered to those young LGBT persons who struggle accessing appropriate support and who face difficulties that they would like to address. Mentoring is a low level intervention dealing with current dilemmas and issues. Young people often discuss issues relating to their relationships, career choices, identity struggles and anything else that they feel like talking about. It is not counselling so it does not deal with past traumas or deep routed issues.

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