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We support individuals aged 16+, living with serious mental health conditions to re-enter the world of employment, education and community. Referred to as members, people choose to join Mosaic Clubhouse and attend as often as they wish, for as long as they wish to engage with tasks of their choosing. Organised into three separate work units there are opportunities to learn admin skills, work on reception, pay bills, type up minutes and letters, book rooms etc., Or there is work in the garden, cafe, facilities department, driving the car or ordering the online shopping. We also have a varied educational programme and a unique employment programme to encourage people back into work or higher education. All that plus a social programme and a wellness programme. Isolation is one of the biggest issues for people living with serious mental health conditions. So becoming part of a lively work ordered community by day, joining a social programme after work and we also offer an evening sanctuary seven nights a week from 18.00 - 02.00 for anyone in crisis who wants a non-clinical environment to spend time with other members and with staff who will listen and offer support; all this addresses the feelings of isolation when people discover that they are not alone.


We are deliberately understaffed so that every single task required running our organisation requires the skills and talents of our members. By volunteering their time and skills members self-esteem and confidence rises; they try new things; engage with a vibrant community and start the process of recovery. There is no staff only or member only spaces or meetings, everything we do happens "side-by-side" - we genuinely value the contribution of all members because it is wanted and needed. We all learn from each other. We are governed by 37 recovery based standards and every three years we complete an in-depth self-study and we are visited by a staff member and a member from the clubhouse international faculty who assess whether we reach accreditation standards - our licence to operate. There are over 300 clubhouses in more than 32 countries and we are one of only 12 international training bases in the world. We train two cohorts of colleagues from three or four different clubhouses twice a year. We are regarded as a "cutting edge" clubhouse in the world-wide clubhouse community. 

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