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MooreSkills (formally known as TillSkills) was set up by the determination of Ralph Moore who wanted to offer people a chance to enhance their skills and education, despite the lack of opportunities they had in the area.

What made us unique at the time was that we were able to provide EPOS training which gave people a better chance at getting employment in the retail sector. This is something that we still do to this day.

The charity was originally founded in 2007 in which it had its first training course, where we enjoyed our first volunteers. In the next few years more volunteers joined us and many are still a part of our team today. In 2010 we became a registered charity and a registered company.

We now have two part-time members of staff who also share the desire to help people get back into work and who started with MooreSkills as Volunteers. There are approximately eleven volunteers including the Charity Trustee Directors.

In Spring 2014, TillSkills made the decision to start operating under the name MooreSkills to reflect the ever changing market that it operates in. Though the charity would officially still be TillSkills Ltd.


Till Training

  • Electric Point of Sale Training is centered on using and understanding shop tills (or EPOS systems). As well as learning the basics, you will also learn how to input new prices, correct prices, set up promotions and discounts, do stock control purchase orders and more. We also have a booklet we will give you with tips to get you through any interview.
  • The first day is a more relaxed atmosphere and the tasks are simple. You will be told the health and safety requirements and will be given the course guidelines. The morning is taken up with understanding and changing the settings of the till including the screen colour. In the afternoon you then participate in shop role-play, where you scan in items through the till with a partner.
  • Day two covers with inputting items without bar codes such as fruit and bakery goods. You will also learn how to safely shut down a till and then start it up again. In the afternoon you will then take the first assessment of the course, testing you on what you have learnt so far.
  • The next few days include a number of short teamwork exercises and mini written exercises. You will learn how to input bar code information for DVDs, create coupons discounts and how to add promotions to singular items. Fixed and percentage promotions are seen as the slightly more difficult tasks of the course, however, you are given a number of days of practice to complete them.
  • In the second week you will take an assessment demonstrating that you know of many different types of special offers you get in store. There is also a the stock control exercise so you can add up stock using basic maths and remove out of date stock.
  • Hot keys are covered towards the end of the course, showing that you can put certain items into easier groups to use on the till. Purchase orders teach you how to make an order to another company to order stock. The stock printouts are used to show you the number of items that are on the system. Lastly, you will fill in an evaluation sheet  to show how you found your time on the course.  
  • This course runs for 6 days once a month, over the course of 2 weeks. The hours are from 10am till 1pm. The course is and is open to anyone referred from the Job Centre. To all other people the cost is £150.

Basic Computer Course

  • We are now running a new Basic Computer Course. This is designed to teach you the basics of using Internet and e-mails. Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and Powerpoint.
  • This course is completely trainer-led at the individuals own pace, in a relaxed environment. Learning the basics of Office Software will enable you to become a lot more confident in using a computer to job hunt and communicate online, as well as giving you essential IT skills that will be valuable to any prospective employer.
  • This course is every Tuesday afternoon, 12:30 till 14:30, is free and is available to everyone.

Job Club

  • We have a unique relationship with the Job Centre in Medway. With a friendly atmosphere and a wealth of support and resources you will develop the ability and skills to apply for vacancies and attend interviews.
  • Pop in any time for help with Job searching online, typing and writing covering letters, sending application e-mails, using the Universal JobMatch service, making JSA claims.
  • Whilst we offer general support and advice at any time, our Job Club itself runs from 10am till midday every Wednesday. CV help and support is available on Wednesday mornings, bookable by appointment.


CV Support

  • The fact of the matter is no-matter what you want to do or what you’ve trained as or even how good you are – your CV will be, without doubt, the single most important part of getting a job.
  • We can create you a CV from scratch or help you to update yours. CV Support is bookable by appointment only.

Drop In IT Suite

  • We provide customers with free unlimited Internet access during normal opening hours. If you have any problems whilst using the computers a volunteer will always be on hand to help.

Life in Motion

  • Our Life in Motion support group consists of fun activities including games and quizzes with opportunities to learn functional skills. Each session is tailored to the group to meet their individual needs. This is a great way to get your life moving in a fun and relaxing way!
  • We hold Performability Drama Workshops which encourage participants to take part in small sketches to help to build self-confidence group skills and speaking in front of people. We want Performability to be a fun and refreshing for everyone who takes part.
  • Life in Motion is booked for six people at a time and runs once a week, for four weeks. We meet every Friday morning at 11:00 and the session includes free  tea and coffee.
  • Life in Motion is free and available to everyone over school leaver age. Please contact us if you have an interest in this.

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