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Monton Unitarian Church

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We are a Unitarian Church, affiliated to the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches.  Our ethos is one of inclusivity and welcome to all - rather than set down what people 'should' believe, we encourage and support our members and friends to find their own sense of purpose and meaning, and develop their spiritual life in a way that suits them, by providing a loving, living community where they are safe to explore themselves and their relationship to the rest of life.  

We meet in a beautiful church, built in 1875 by Thomas Worthington - a mini-cathedral, we joke, with an incredible atmosphere, but with many of the inherent challenges that come with a building of that size and age. 

Our congregation is small but growing, and our position and standing in Monton Village is high - we are, in many ways 'The Church on the Green', which has walked side by side with local residents through their lives for many years, with families coming back regularly for rites of passage, and to celebrate high days and holy days. 


We meet on Sundays for worship, and throughout the year also have mid-week services from time to time.

We have a fairly busy social life, with gardening club, women's league, etc, and run fundraising events both for our church, and for external charities such as Christian Aid, British Red Cross, Macmillan and National Deaf Children's Centre.

We are available to the local community for baptisms, weddings, including same-sex weddings (the only church in Salford currently to be licensed), and funerals.

We hope in the future to be able to open our church much more frequently for all sorts of events, such as concerts, film showings, art shows etc, but need to effect a number of repairs and improvements to the church building before we can do this. 

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